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Kapesco Painting is a full-service, one-stop-shop for all home interior and exterior services. We provide the best quality residential painting jobs in New Jersey as well as everything else your home requires to be healthy and happy. From cleaning concrete to fixing your roof. We're here to help you.

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“Each color evokes different emotions for each individual. Your emotions still depend on your individual life experience and how you associate each color”.


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We Are Experts In Painting, Drop ceiling - Drywall installation and repairs.

We take pride in being a locally-owned business, and serving our local community by partnering with other local businesses to offer the best services to our customers, and keeping the neighborhood beautiful…one painting job at a time.

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We’re a small company with an impact that is huge. We like the way it is. This means that we’re able to give the attention and care you require to feel confident regarding the decisions you make regarding the value of your house.

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Interior and Exterior Painting

We realize that interior and exterior painting your house as you live there could be very difficult. Our method is designed to be as easy for you as it can be. Project Managers and Planners ensure that your needs are met.

Unless you specifically request it the interiors of your home that are furnished or occupied are not sprayed. Always brush and roll to keep the atomized paint from moving to surfaces that are not wanted.

Like painting in the interior Exterior painting’s excellent preparation will result in an outstanding job.

The exterior painting we do is done with care and precision, and without mess. Windows are completely covered with plastic or film to ensure that they are completely covered and that no spray gets into your windows or screens. Lights are fully covered and patios, walkways, and any concrete surfaces near the home are covered with heavy plastic to prevent drips of paint are able to reach areas they shouldn’t.

Drop Ceiling Installation and Repairs

Kapesco Painting Services is here to assist you in getting fixing your ceiling tiles that are falling off or drop ceiling repair work for drywall at your place of living.

Ceiling repairs such as water damage or cracks and peeling paint tend to get worse over time, and may lead to and more costly repairs. Ceiling tiles that are wet due to leaks or sagging due to the humidity of an oceanfront storefront could give your shop an unappreciated appearance and should be replaced prior to when they are a risk for falling.

We have the expertise and the tools to turn the basement’s ceiling dark and ugly space into a bright attractive, modern, and appealing drop ceiling that is certain to catch the interest and admiration of all guests.

With over 15 years of experience, we serve both commercial and residential clients. If you’re looking for a drop ceiling in your basement at home or an office construction, we’ll get your job completed on time and within your budget. We offer a lifetime guarantee and a 100% guarantee for our work!

Drywall Installation and Repair

Drywall is among the most commonly used materials within our homes and is vulnerable to being damaged. The effects of moisture, wall decor, and general wear and tear can leave holes, marks, and other causes damage to your drywall over time. Kapesco Painting is here to take care of all the drywall installation and repairs for your entire remodeling project to repairs to your drywall as well as finishing.

Our skilled home improvement experts will also put in drywall for your new home or an addition. We’ll begin by preparing for the installation of drywall by measuring the space and covering electrical wires as well as plumbing with appropriate protection. Installation services consist of cutting, measuring, and hanging the drywall or Sheetrock according to your exact specifications of yours. After that after which we’ll inspect the walls to ensure that electrical boxes, as well as other elements, are properly mounted. Then, we’ll apply any finishing elements you require including painting.

Have wear and tear caused your walls to look dull? If the drywall you have is damaged beyond repair and you need help with home improvements, our experts can help you restore your home using the replacement of your drywall. Contact Kapesco Painting, and we can arrange an appointment to visit and begin the process of your new drywall.



Our Clients Say

Fred Rodriquez

I am a real estate agent and I've always used Kapesco Painting for all my projects. They always able to finish the apartment in time and is a master at straight lines and painting coverage. I am very satisfied of his job. This is the most reputable company!

Fred Rodriquez

Audrey Stevenson

Their estimate blew others over the top. Their performance was consistent with reviews. I wouldn't recommend any other person.

Audrey Stevenson

Bennett Miller

The best company ever. Always punctual professional, reliable and trustworthy. We have utilized Kapesco Painting Services for all our properties and they are always surprising us with their professionalism and speed of work. Quick work and top quality. Highly Recommended!

Bennett Miller

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